KT Endotoxin Test Kit (Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay)

KT Endotoxin Test Kit (Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay)


KT Endotoxin Test Kit (Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay)

Bioendo is the first TAL  reagent provider in China. The first TAL lysate provider licensed in China FDA.
The testing method conforms to USA/Europe/Japan Pharmacopoeia Bacterial Endotoxins Test .


1. Product information

Kinetic turbidimetric endotoxin test kit is the endotoxin assay kits by kinetic turbidimetric method. Based on the principle that in the presence of endotoxin, TAL becomes turbid, the increase rate of turbidity is proportional to the endotoxin concentration of the sample, the endotoxin is quantified. 

1. The kit includes kinetic turbidimetric TAL reagent, Control Standard Endotoxin, TAL Reagent Water (Water for Bacterial Endotoxin Test).  

2. The detection limit for the assay kit is 0.01 EU/ml to 10 EU/ml. Kinetic turbidimetric endotoxin assay require a kinetic microplate reader such as ELx808IULALXH .

3. Kinetic software is also required for calculate the endotoxin concentration. 


2. Product parameter

Assay range: 0.01-10 EU/ml