KC Endotoxin Test Kit (Kinetic Chromogenic Assay)

KC Endotoxin Test Kit (Kinetic Chromogenic Assay)


Kinetic chromogenic TAL endotoxin assay kit

Bioendo is the first TAL  reagent provider in China. The first TAL lysate provider licensed in China FDA. 
The testing method conforms to USA/Europe/Japan Pharmacopoeia Bacterial Endotoxins Test .

1. Product information

KC Endotoxin Test Kit is the TAL testing for endotoxins  by Tachypleus Amoebocyte lysates kinetic chromogenic method. 

- The kit includes kinetic chromogenic TAL reagent, constitution buffer, Control Standard Endotoxin, and TAL Reagent Water

- This is the most sensitive TAL lysate. The TAL lysate is strong resistance to interference because the reaction is not depended on the activity of clotting protein to form the gel clot. 

- The assay kit is widely used in biological products, such as a vaccine, antibody, protein, nucleic acid, clinical samples analysis of bacterial endotoxin. 

- The detection range of the kit is 0.005 EU/ml to 50 EU/ml. The assay requires a kinetic incubating microplate reader such as ELx808IULALXH.


2. Product parameter

Assay range: 0.005-50 EU/ml